Making of my band’s LED logo

A making of a LED lamp used 5050 LED strip. Though it takes more than a week to finish, i feel quite happy each time when i close the circult.

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Patrick’s machine

Anyone knows what is this for??

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Denha’s new marble machine

Thanks for Denha’s amazingĀ  vid again. In this machanism, he has chosen GH810136v3L 8mm planetary gearmotor.

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A 1:87 bluetooth remoted truck using gh6124s gearmotor

This is a 1:87 truck using gizmoszone 6mm gearmotor. Photos are linked from More info about the chassis can be found from

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Gizmoszone’s blog

Welcome to Gizmoszone’s blog! From now on, we have more opportunity to post more pictures and information using our gearmotors and products here.

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