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Gearmotor, gear motor, gearbox, plastic gear, robot parts, and other parts

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Plastic gear - Module 0.3-0.5 stock gears, Hundreds of plastic gear options for hobblists and robotics.

Gearmotor - 6mm gearmotor. The smallest series in our product line and great for extremely limited space.

Gearmotor - 8mm series gearmotor, providing you a higher torque and lots of speed options too.. Plastic gear - Wanna some special shape gears? Small miter gears, crown gear and pulleys maybe useful in your project.
spacer, small parts linear slide motor gearbox
Small parts - We stock up lot of small parts and components that you can't easily find in somewhere. Built-in Motor Gear shaft - 2015 version of 6mm/8mm gearmotor helps your project from the beginning. Your new project is a breeze. Motor - You don't need a gearbox and gear? We are selling mini coreless and core motor too. Gearbox - Also, we have other gearboxes and generators to drop in your project.

Welcome to gizmoszone.com!

Gizmoszone.com is a website like the name of its domain name.
Offering various mechanical parts and accessories to our customers, automation engineers, researchers, robot enthusiasts, railroading hobbyist and modelers build their own gizmos. Also, we introduce some unique house-brand products here, hoping to provide you more choices to make your things a little easier, smaller and cheaper.
We often receive same kind of questions about. "What is this small gearmotor for ?" , "What is its application ?", "Where are they using?" ......, I am sure different people see different thing. Creativity is just like that, Any invention in our world is like that.

This time, specially thanks to Denha's Channel , he brings us a very nice demonstration by using small gearmotor with his superb handicraft and engineering knowledge in his marble machine. I highly recommend you to pay a visit to his youtube channel or his blog ( if you can read japanese....).

The compact marble machine


Line following robot like R2-D2

Specially thanks to Robotroom.com - David Cook, he posts a very lovely line-following robot video using our GH6123S gearmotors on youtube. It runs smoothly even if lots of "obstacles" ahead. (Start from 0:53 second in the vid)

Wanna make a 6mm diameter servo motor?
MZR's servo project may interest you.

Monorail modeler - Probably the 1st N scale monorail scale project using gizmoszone's gearmotor gearmotor

* GH612 series can also mate with 0.3 module miter gear pair.


12V DC Railroad Model Gearmotor - MGH1015/ MGH1015-B GEARMOTOR (Mashima Motor Version)
This is a limited edition gearmotor for railroad modeler which is only available in Gizmoszone.
Mashima MHK1015 ( DC 12V motor )is a well known railroad model motor brand from Japan.
Specially thanks to Max, this is his idea comblining Gizmoszone's gearhead with Mashima Motor.


After lots of lifetime testing in differnt motor and gearbox,
he found out a nice slow down remotoring solution for N-scale
railroad models that provided a smooth and powerful
performance with reliable lifetime. However, the modification
of motor and gearhead are not easy for most modelers.

Now, we have comblined them together to MGH1015-B that
you can directly "drop in" to your chassis without grinding the
motor shaft and any DIY.
With this gearhead, the wheels can rotate as uniformly as a
clock and the loco speed ranges from 1 to 21 mph.
For details of the testing and result, please kindly pay a visit
to below forums and links.

- Threads and reports in model train forum.

Gearmotor performance in youtube 1

Gearmotor performance in youtube 2

Please download our latest datasheet for more information!

HTML Datasheet

PDF Datasheet

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