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12V Gearmotor for Railroad Model - MGH1015

Gearmotor, railroad model, Mashima

Mashima Motor Version

This is a limited edition gearmotor for railroad modeler which is only available in Gizmoszone.
Mashima MHK1015 ( DC 12V motor )is a well known railroad model motor brand from Japan.
Specially thanks to Max, this is his idea comblining Gizmoszone's gearhead with Mashima Motor.

After lots of lifetime testing in differnt motor and gearbox, he find out a nice slow down remotoring solution for N-scale railroad models
that provides a smooth and powerful performance with reliable lifetime. However, the modification of motor and gearhead are not easy for most modelers.

Now, we have comblined them together to MGH1015-B that you can directly "drop in" to your chassis without grinding the motor shaft and any DIY.
With this gearhead, the wheels can rotate as uniformly as a clock and the loco speed ranges from 1 to 21 mph.
For details of the testing and result, please kindly pay a visit to below forums and links.

http://forum.atlasrr.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=43820&whichpage=9 - Threads and reports in model train forum.

Gearmotor performance in youtube 1

Gearmotor performance in youtube 2

Please download our latest datasheet for more information!

HTML Datasheet

PDF Datasheet

Gearmotor, railroad model, Mashima


GH612 SERIES (6mm Diameter) Planetary Gear Motors (New members are available Now!)

New members of GH612series coreless motor have been launched. This new version is using our unique 6mm gearhead as always and assembling a much slower 6mm coreless motor with 10 000 rpm (at 3v). We choose this new speed coreless motor in our family because it does cover a new range of speed in 6mm size and it even provides a longer lifetime for your application.

GH612 SERIES is a real 6mm outside diameter gearmotor, a modified version of old GH712 SERIES. Except the 6mm diameter gearhead "6mm" inline with 6mm coreless motor, the plastic output shaft has been upgraded to glass fibre reinforced engineering plastic to provide more robust and stable performance especially in higher torque application.

Four different ratios (1:5.14,1:26.45,1:136.02,1:699.55) and 2 different speed coreless motor are available. A well designed Univeral Motor Mount is optional which can attach your gadget/robot in a breeze. No matter what your need is higher torque or higher speed, micro planetary gearhead can surely provide you a robust and high-efficient application.

Please download our latest datasheet for more information!

HTML Datasheet1 2 (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (D-shape metal shaft)


* GH612 series can also mate with 0.3 module miter gear pair.

Micro Gear Motors GH810 SERIES.

GH810 is a series of miniature planetary gearheads with four different ratios. Providing high performance in torque and excellent in mini size "8mm x10mm Diameter (L x W )", gearhead is matched with a 3V DC motor which is used to assemble in mini servo motor. 4 different ratios (1:5.14,1:26.45,1:136.02,1:699.55) are available in GH810 series, no matter your need is higher torque or higher speed, mini planetary gearhead providing you a robust and high-efficient application.
GH810 series are all well below 4 gram that are made of engineering-plastic (Delirn), yet can achieve a torque over 100g.cm without stripped.
A down to earth price of GH810 won't break budget and make your robot project come true, we sincerely recommend you our new miniature drive. Please download our planetary gearmotor datasheet below!

HTML Datasheet (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (D-shape metal shaft)

* Satellite gears using in GH810 series.



Are you wanna build your own robot / DIY project with unique mechanical design? At Gizmoszone, a wide variety of plastic gears here may help you;

Motor gears;
PDF Datasheet

Spur gears;
PDF Datasheet

Compound gears;
PDF Datasheet

Worm gear pairs.
PDF Datasheet

All of these plastic gears made of acetal resin, providing a good bending strength, low friction, low noise level and outstanding anti-organic properties.

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