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Gearmotor, gear motor,planetary gearheads

Planetary gearheads with coreless motor
GH612 SERIES (6mm - gearmotor) (New members are available Now!)

New members of GH612series coreless motor have been launched. This new version is using our unique planetary gearheads as always and assembling a much slower 6mm coreless motor with 10 000 rpm (at 3v). We choose this new speed coreless motor in our family because it does cover a new range of speed in 6mm size and it even provides a longer lifetime for your application.

GH612 SERIES is a real 6mm outside diameter gear motor, a modified version of old GH712 SERIES. Except the 6mm diameter gearhead "6mm" inline with 6mm coreless motor, the plastic output shaft has been upgraded to glass fibre reinforced engineering plastic to provide more robust and stable performance especially in higher torque application.

Four different ratios (1:5.14,1:26.45,1:136.02,1:699.55) and 2 different speed coreless motor are available. A well designed Univeral Motor Mount is optional which can attach your gadget/robot in a breeze. No matter what your need is higher torque or higher speed, planetary gearheads can surely provide you a robust and high-efficient application.

Please download our latest datasheet for more information!

HTML Datasheet1 2 (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (D-shape metal shaft)

Gearmotor, gear motor,planetary gearheads



* GH612 series can also mate with 0.3 module miter gear pair.


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Gearmotor, gear motor,planetary gearheads for hobbyist.