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gearbox, gearhead, gearmotor

Planetary - gearhead (8mm x 10 Dia.) GH810 SERIES

GH810 is a series of miniature planetary gearbox with four different ratios. Providing high performance in torque and excellent in mini size "8mm x10mm Diameter (L x W )", gearhead is matched with a 3.0V DC motor which is used to assemble in mini servo motor. 4 different ratios (1:5.14,1:26.45,1:136.02,1:699.55) are available in GH810 series, no matter your need is higher torque or higher speed, planetary-gearmotor providing you a robust and high-efficient application.
GH810 series are all below 4 gram and made of engineering-plastic (Delirn), yet can achieve a torque over 100g.cm without stripped.
A down to earth price of GH810 won't break budget and make your robot project come true, we sincerely recommend you our new miniature drive. Please download our planetary- gearmotor datasheet below!

HTML Datasheet (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (Plastic round shaft)

PDF Datasheet (D-shape metal shaft)

gearbox, gearhead, gearmotor

gearbox, gearhead, gearmotor

* Satellite gears using in GH810 series.


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Gearbox, gearhead, gearmotor,planetary gearheads for hobbyist.