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plastic gears,plastic spur gear

Stock gears, plastic spur gears,compound gear, worm gear, plastic gears - gizmoszone.com.

Do you wanna build your own robot / DIY project with unique mechanical design? At Gizmoszone, we provide a wide variety of 0.3 module to 0.5 module plastic gears with detailed dimensions, hoping you can choose what you need in a breeze.

Motor gear;
PDF Datasheet

Spur gear;
PDF Datasheet

Compound gear;
PDF Datasheet

Worm gear pair.
PDF Datasheet

All the plastic gears are made of acetal resin, providing a good bending strength, low friction, low noise level and outstanding anti-organic properties.

How to determine the module of spur gear? Below formula maybe useful to you.


Outside diameter: d k = d 0 + 2 m

Pitch diameter: d 0 = Z X m

Circular pitch Pc = pi X m

where Z: No of teeth, m: Module in mm





plastic gears,plastic spur gears,spur gear
stock gears

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Stock gears, spur plastic gear,compound gear, worm gear, plastic gears - gizmoszone.com.