Planetary Gearmotor  - MGH1015/MGH1015-B GEARMOTOR ( 12V DC MASHIMA MHK1015)  
1012 SERIES                                                                          
Mechanical Details And Specifications         
Part no.         MGH1015   MGH1015-B          
Motor Spec
Nominal Voltage       12V   12V    
Speed (approx.)         17500 rpm   17500 rpm      
No. of gear stages       1   1     Gearhead Spec
Gear Ratio       1:5.14   1:5.14      
                      No Load
Speed (approx.) 3400 rpm 3400 rpm
Current(approx.)         70 mA   70 mA      
Maximum Torque (approx.)       60gcm   60gcm       Max. Output Torque
Length with motor L1         22.20 mm   24.20 mm       Physical
Shaft Diameter       1.5 mm   1.5 mm      
Type         Round   D-shape 1.2mm      
Shaft Material       Plastic   Metal      
Gearhead Layout  
Nominal Tolerance +/- 0.1mm unless otherwise specified Unit: mm
Specifications subject to change without notice.